2633 Moravian Ave. Allentown, PA 18103

Jeremie Schadler

Senior Civil Project Manager

Jeremie is a professional engineer in Pennsylvania. His 18 years professional experience includes civil and site engineering consulting for retail, commercial, industrial, institutional and residential developments.

Family ties led him to the field of engineering. He had several grandparents and uncles who worked for Bethlehem Steel, an uncle in the Air Force, another uncle who is a mechanical engineer in the nuclear industry and, most importantly, his parents, who were both employed by Lehigh University. Listening to his family recount their real-life on-the-job experiences piqued his interest and he earned a bachelor’s degree from Lehigh in Civil Engineering in 2001.

Jeremie enjoys spending time with his wife, Melody, daughter, Emily, 9, and son, Michael, 6, who try to stay active with biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, visiting local parks and just playing in the back yard. He also coaches his son’s soccer team and encourages his daughter’s passion for swimming.

He also enjoys golf, bowling, home improvement projects, playing the drums and tinkering with his Mustang. He used to drag race it but says life has put that on the back burner for now.