Donald J. Mitchell VA Medical Outpatient Clinic

Rome VA Medical Center
Year of Construction
Rome, NY
Project Role
  • Lead Architectural
  • Project Management
  • MEP Engineering
  • Interior Design
Project Details
Renovate Rome CBOC Mental Health and Whole Health
Size: 27,000 SF
Cost: $7.7M

Acela was selected to serve as the Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers for the multi-phase renovation of the Donald J. Mitchell Veterans Affairs Medical Outpatient Clinic. The renovations are intended to assist the local veteran population in the geographical vicinity of the Rome, NY, from having to travel to the Syracuse VA Medical Center. This project was designed to enhance patient and staff safety, as well as to create a healing environment for our Veterans. The renovation project upgrades areas on each of the three floors of the facility. 100% of the asbestos and lead paint within the scope of work will have been abated. Program areas included:

  • Mental Health Suite (6,400 SF)
  • Physical/Occupational Therapy Suite (4,400 SF)
  • Prosthetics Suite (660 SF)
  • Home Based / TeleHealth Care Suite (1,450 SF)
  • Radiology Suite (3,010 SF)
  • Whole Health Suite (5,000 SF)
  • Staff Fitness Gym, Locker Rooms and Conference Center (3,450 SF)

Acela conducted a virtual reality walkthrough for all the project stakeholders.