James J. Peters Department of VA Medical Center

Canopy Replacement
Year of Construction
Bronx, NY
Project Role
  • Lead Architectural
  • Structural Engineering
  • Plumbing
Project Details
Loading Dock Canopy Roof Replacement
Cost: $200,000

The James J. Peters Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center has retained Acela to provide Architectural and Engineering services to replace the loading dock canopy roof.  The canopy structure first built in the mid 1950’s is approximately 3,300 square feet and was in need of a new roof system. The existing roof is a stone ballasted built up roof system that pitches back towards toward four (4) roof drains. The canopy roof extends out from the building approximately 16 feet over the building’s load dock area to provide cover for the personnel working in this area. The canopy structure is cantilevered from the exterior wall of the building and is supported by exposed steel struts above roof elevation to provide unobstructed barrier free access at the dock platform level.

Acela has prepared contract documents and specifications to replace the existing roof system including any structure repairs, asbestos abatement, and weatherproofing where the canopy abuts the building wall of the Medical Center. The total scope of work includes:

  • The investigation for the presents of asbestos materials within the canopy roof system.
  • The preparation of demolition drawings of the existing roof system including an asbestos abatement plan.
  • The design and development of a new built-up roof system that includes vapor barrier, insulation, flashing at building joints and a new roof membrane.
  • The replacement of four roof drains including new details for connections to the existing rainwater collection system.
  • Structural review of the existing steel support members and metal roof deck.
  • The preparation of construction cost estimates.
  • Construction administration services that include submittal review and construction observation reports
  • The preparation of record drawings.