VA New Jersey Healthcare System

Lyons Campus
Year of Construction
Lyons, NJ
Project Role
  • Lead Architectural
  • Structural Engineering
  • Project Management
  • MEP Engineering
  • QA\QC
  • Spec. Writing
  • Interior Design
Project Details
Replacement of Roofs
Cost: $4,642,542.24
Correct FCA F Rated Deficiencies Building 1
Cost: $3,300,000

Replacement of Roofs

Lyons CampusVA New Jersey Healthcare System, Lyons Campus selected Acela to design and document the replacement of seven (7) building roof systems and several roofs of enclosed building connectors. Roof types included asphalt shingle and TPO roof systems and associated flashing.

The existing buildings each consisted of approximately 25,000± sf of asphalt shingle roof for a total of 1.5 million sf of roof asphalt roof replacement. Acela designed a roof system to allow for a proper eve and ridge ventilation while maintaining the integrity of the existing copper flashing and copper gutters.

Each building contains a penthouse with a low slope TPO roof as well as the structures that connect each building together. In total, there was nearly 25,000± sf of low slope TPO roof systems to be replaced.

Included in the design was an allowance for underlayment replacement for each building.

We coordinated the hazardous material inspections of the roofing and flashing materials and designed a new lightning protection system for each building.

Correct FCA F Rated Deficiencies Building 1

Steam pipeAcela was selected as the Architects and Engineer for multiple mini projects throughout Building 1, which were identified in a Facility Condition Assessment Survey.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Correct water infiltration from the exterior – Acela investigated multiple potential water infiltration sources and concluded water infiltration was caused by improperly constructed roof gutter. Our team detailed the solution.
  • Renovate stairwells and bring them up to current standards – We detailed handrail upgrades, coordinated new flooring, patched and refinish the walls, ceiling and lighting.
  • Replace fire sprinkler main and various components of the fire service riser assembly – This project also required replacing the service main from the street into the building.
  • Replace the main steam pipe – Acela detailed the phased coordination of the replacement of the main basement steam line.
  • Coordinated the lead removal and replacement of a basement exterior door.
  • Detailed a new enlarged interior stairwell door.
  • Repointing of deteriorated exterior brick – There were multiple areas on Building 1where the mortar was deteriorating and needed to be repointed. Acela completed a study of the deteriorating areas and developed the plans for proper repointing.
  • Add new wayfinding to portions of the building – Much of the wayfinding within the stairwells needed to be revised to ensure effectiveness during daily and emergency use.
  • Replace domestic water main and risers – The domestic water main in the basement was replaced and rerouted to avoid the electrical switchgear room. Various risers within the building were also replaced.